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anti vibration gloves for use with pneumatic toolsDid you know that Viscolas®, because of it's superior damping properties is also a great vibration-reducing material? It has it's roots in footwear, where we use it to cushion the foot and reduce skeletal shock, but we have also developed grip wraps and palm-lined gloves to help dampen some of the vibration coming from today's power tools. Check out these neat solutions to vibration:

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Ideal for use with hand-held vibrating pneumatic and impact tools. The Viscolas® in these gloves helps to reduce tool vibration before it reaches the hand, arm and shoulders. Less vibration means less fatigue and greater comfort. The "shell" of the gloves are made from a cotton/polyester blend--60/40% Lycra® . Plain style is designed for minimum bulk, maximum comfort and affordability.

Vibration Dampening Gloves 

These gloves are padded with a layer of vibration dampening polymer. Specially compounded, formed-chloroprene coated, seamless-lined gloves. Good for protection from repetitive impact and work with pneumatic vibrating tools. Ergonomic design offers both comfort and flexibility. Repetitive trauma associated with excessive vibration to the hands is a big problem in New Zealand. Employees develop many symptoms associated with hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Hand-arm vibration is vibration transmitted into your hands and arms when you use hand-held powered work equipment. Too much exposure to hand-arm vibration can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and carpal tunnel syndrome. HAVS affects the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm. It can become severely disabling if ignored.


  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Stamping
  • Automotive
  • Sanders, Grinders, Disc cutters
  • Forestry and Landscaping
  • Chainsaws, Brush cutters, Hedge trimmers, powered mowers
  • Construction
  • Hammer drills, Chipping hammers
  • Meets anti-vibration standard ISO10819:19196
  • and ANSI S3/525
  • Black Nylon, 7 gauge shell for toughness
  • Machine washable
  • Rot resistant
  • Elastic wrist for a snug fit

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