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Back pain during and after sitting affects millions of people worldwide. Many of them are healthy individuals who just find sitting uncomfortable; others are already being treated for their back pain.

Much of the discomfort is due to poor seat design but it also depends on the activity you are undertaking while seated. Your angle of vision, the load in your hands and shoulders, the operation of levers or pedals (in a vehicle or plane) can all lead to postural stress on the back. It is unlikely that there will be a seat design exactly right.

To prevent backache, a backrest should take the weight off the spine up to mid shoulder level; the curve of the low back support must fit you properly and prevent your pelvis from rolling back. The inclination of the backrest must be adjustable. The thickness of the backrest should not reduce the depth of the seat.

BACKFRIEND “makes a bad seat good”
A solution for the relief of back pain while seated

Available in 2 models

BackFriend Back and Base

Ideal when the seat is too soft, saggy or you’re required to sit on the ground or floor. Folds up with a Velcro fastening for easier portability.


BackFriend Back Only

  • Great for support in a semi reclined position in bed, or for when you’re in the office on a dining chair or a firm lounge suite. May be used in conjunction with a wedge.


  • Portable, robust (fibreglass frame) and lightweight (< 1 kg for back only ). With an inbuilt contoured handle for easy carrying. Superior grade foam padding for added support and comfort. Hard wearing commercial fabric.

  • Adaptable – portable comfort when travelling (bus, train, plane or car), truck drivers, machinery operators, at home, in the office, cinema, church, semi reclined in bed and as your own orthopaedic seat at the outdoor concert or sports event.

BACKFRIEND “portability”



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BACKFRIEND is so effective it is often covered by Health Insurance or ACC. Check with your insurer / case owner to determine if BackFriend is covered for you. ­


How to Improve Your Posture and Select a Portable Back Support

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You can improve your sitting posture and relieve back pain with a back support... but only if it fits you properly. A portable sitting support can redefine your seat's height, contours, resilience, and angles. Back supports work best for upright and reclined activities such as driving, at the computer or workstation and relaxing.­

­ ­­
Fit the chair or seat
No one back support makes all chairs comfortable. Different seat heights, contours, and back angles influence a portable support's performance.
A bucket seat in a motor vehicle or the curved back dining room chair is more difficult to modify than a flat seat back. Make certain that the sitting support is narrow or select a back support that is adjustable to accommodate the seat you use most often. ­diagram1.jpg
A chair with a gap between the seat and backrest is difficult to modify because many supports - even those with attachment straps - can slip through the gap as you shift around. Look for supports specifically designed for this type of chair or consider all-in-one seat and backrest support units. 
Problems using back support cushions in office chairs
Very soft or sagging seats like couches and overstuffed chairs may "swallow up" your portable seating support and make it ineffective. Select a thicker support to compensate for a chair softness or choose a support with a rigid built-in frame.­

­ Back Pain Testimonials

The BackFriend I purchased from you 3 months ago has transformed my life. I wish I had been introduced to this 10 years ago. Travel of any sort even a short trip to the supermarket had previously been agonizing. Now I am back driving and I no longer require assistance with my community work. I can sit pain free thanks to BackFriend. Thank you so much and please use this letter to let other people know how great the BackFriend is. ­ ­­Joanna – Northshore, Auckland

This is my second BackFriend as I gave my last one to a friend to trial and they refuse to return it! I am lost without my BackFriend. The most brilliant invention for people with back pain. Monica - Nelson­

The best investment I have ever made for my health. I a pilot and a colleague recommended I try this as I find sitting on the long haul flights can cause increased muscle tension in my mid back. These should be standard issue on all overseas flights. I haven’t experienced even a niggle since I started using the BackFriend. Stephen - Wellington

My occupational therapist recommended that I trial a BackFriend following a serious back injury. The BackFriend arrived a day after she ordered it and it has never been returned. It should be standard issue to all people on ACC with back injuries. This has made such a positive difference to my life. Christopher – Christchurch

I have managed to continue my employment as a taxi driver despite developing a back injury over the past year. The BackFriend has given me back my life. I can’t work without it. Raymond - Hastings

What can I say but a great BIG THANKYOU…the BackFriend is awesome and it won’t be coming back. I already have my mother looking at buying one. Vicki – Whangarei