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Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say:

"I'm a chimney sweep servicing the South and Eastern regions of Auckland. A large part of my day is spent on roofs and as such I needed reliable shoes to ensure my safety. During the past four years I have worn boat shoes for the tasks I needed to perform, they have been fine but they had a life span of about a month. I also found that they were not available during the winter months. I really needed to find some shoes that would stick me like glue to a coloursteel roof in the rain, the type of shoe that wouldn't skid on tile slime. I needed a shoe that would stick me to a steep roof when others would fail. The good news is SoleMate was the solution, I purchased a pair of SoleMate Predator shoes, this is a slip-on type. The Predator shoe performed on roof surfaces that I would never have even considered walking on, it has surpassed anything I have ever worn performance wise and it is also a very comfortable shoe to wear. Many thanks."
Lance Gedge, Auckland.

"I am a chilled food truck delivery driver and I purchased a pair of SFC Voyager safety boots from SoleMate approximately 2 years ago. The boots have lasted exceptionally well, were very comfortable to wear from day 1 and had excellent grip when worn in chillers and freezers - often a wet and slippery environment. I had no hesitation in purchasing a replacement pair when the time came and didn't bother to look at any other makes of boot. I was also very pleased that the price was the same as 2 years ago. These boots are great value for money all round."
Mike Brownlee, Napier.

"After breaking my leg at work following a slip on water on the floor I heard about SoleMate shoes with a non-slip sole. I found them comfortable and hard wearing. I am now onto my 2nd pair & have had no more falls."
Win Scott, Napier.

"We bought these shoes for a roof that we were finding impossible to stick on, the pitch was steep, and the roof dusty, we tried these shoes and will not try another product. These shoes are what they say they are, and we are very happy customers and would recommend these shoes to all roofers."
Kurt Hughes, Advance Roofing, Gisborne.

"I must say what a hit your shoes are in the store and instead of offering the shoes that I used to, I am now encouraging people to purchase shoes from SoleMate. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so helpful every time I ring."
Roselynn Monomai, Training & Personnel Manager, Victoria Park New World, Auckland.

"Our roofers have found the shoes we have purchased from SoleMate to have excellent grip on pitched roofs. My staff re-order so that must be the proof."
N.A. Harper, Harper Roofing, Auckland.

"I wanted to thank you for supplying me with my best ever pair of shoes. Late in 2004 I bought a pair of Defenders. They have served me very well indeed. I work as a Kitchen hand for an agency in Sydney who send me to different kitchens every shift. I have worked in some of the best and busiest restaurants, cafes and catering kitchens. The shifts can be long, and the whole time used to mean aching feet and ankles. The cushioning in these shoes meant the aching was noticeably reduced. The sole of these shoes is exceptional. Even on the oiliest floors, both in the kitchen and in the dining area, I felt secure. I have worn these shoes for more than half of the last 18mths in slippery, wet and busy places. Sadly it is time to replace them but I am pleased to be able to purchase a new pair. I look forward to them arriving.
I strongly recommend them as excellent shoes for everyone in the food industry, and anyone seeking a decent pair of shoes."
Will Carter, Sydney, Australia.

"I have worn the shoes I purchased in February 2005 every day at work. I have found them to be one of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn in over 30 years of working in the Retail Trade.
Mark White, BP to GO, Napier.

"My feet and I have spent 21yrs in the Hospitality Industry with 20 of those years working as a chef and I must say I wish I had found SoleMate a lot quicker than 12 mths ago. I must also point out, as this is relevant, that my first job out of school was as a cobbler.
I purchased my "Executive Wing Tip" shoes last year and have found them to be the best thing for my feet since sliced bread. The uppers conform perfectly to the contours of my once aching 'plates of meat' and the soles have a grip second to none, through kithcen oil & grease, water & split beer behind the bar and conquering the wetness on those annoying cobbled pavements that are death traps when wet. I still work from anywhere from 8 to 14 hrs a day and I must say that the comfort of the insoles combined with the tread pattern of the shoe seriously lowers fatigue levels of any long shift.
Through experience I can, and will, definitely recommend SoleMate Shoes to anyone in any industry as the styles available will fit into any environment."
Ross Simmonds, Operations Manager, Fun Concepts Ltd, Whangarei.

"My Cambridge shoes have lasted 2 yrs in a McDonald's restaurant. Just fantastic shoes and the best I have had in my 11 years at McDonald's."
John Barry-Murphy, General Manager, McDonald's Avondale Hts, VIC, Australia.

"I have worn my pair of ladies black Falcons everyday for 3 years now. I wear them everyday because I work in a cafe. They are extremely comfortable and I don't slip around at all (no good for dancing in). Other ladies at work have also found them really good. One lady mentioned they are good for walking on snow! I have just purchased another pair and also a pair of T-Jams that look really groovy and are equally as comfy and non-slip. Thanks SoleMate."
Avril Garland, Owner/Manager, Cafe Botannix, Napier.

''Since purchasing a pair of Lotus shoes I have experienced 100% comfort. Standing up to 15 hrs a day in these shoes, whether its been cooking or running front of house, the comfort is remarkable.
The wear & tear is also extremely very good, having had these shoes for nearly a year there is still a long life left in them.''
Garry Story, Deanos Bar Grill & Cafe, Napier.

''I have purchased SoleMate shoes due to a fall in my work place. They are very comfortable and very safe on wet & slippery surfaces.
I work in the food industry with floors that are slippery, greasy and varied in floor surfaces. I would recommend these shoes to any person in any industry.
PS: My husband has just purchased two pairs for his work - he is customer services, driving, cleaning in all weathers in all environments. Thanks SoleMate''
Sheryl Alexander.

"Shoes for Crews are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I work all day standing on concrete floors and would not be without my Shoes for Crews. I love them, they love my feet."
Thomas Paultney, PPCS Pandora Napier.

"The Shoes for Crews boots that I purchased are the most comfy shoes I have ever worn and worked in. I would never look at buying anything else."
Colin Stringer, Pak 'n Save Napier.

“As a supermarket manager, it has been difficult to find a shoe that has any kind of traction on the sole which is comfortable and meets the rigorous demands for the bakery through to the produce departments. I was initially skeptical when I ordered a pair of ‘Defenders’ a couple of months ago but I can only say they are everything they claim to be….comfortable, durable and totally SLIP-RESISTANT.”
Lans Hasselman, Manager Pak ‘n Save Supermarket Napier.

“There are only a few things that I miss from the US after to moving to New Zealand a few years ago. Good shoes being a significant one. Personally after 31 years as a diabetic I know the importance of looking after my feet. I’ve tried nearly every shoe on the market and it was only when I went to work for Pizza Hut that I found SHOES FOR CREWS® and I haven’t looked back. They are the best for comfort, slip-resistance and they last. My current pair is 3 years old and I wear them every day. These shoes are awesome.”
Conni Faire, Auckland.

“I have been in the fast food industry for twelve years, and have never seen any program so easy to implement that has had such an impact on safety. SHOES FOR CREWS® are well made and affordable, as well as comfortable and durable. I have been a customer of SHOES FOR CREWS® for three years, and I am only on my second pair of shoes. The Pro Classics I bought in California in 2000 have taken me to New Zealand, and still have plenty of life left in them. Add to that the option of paying for them with payroll deduction means that my crew doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. The shoes are better made than those offered in local retail outlets, and are safer and more comfortable. All round a great partner to the food industry. I wouldn’t work without them.”
Mark D Tyler, Shift Manager, McDonald’s Kaitaia.

"After considerable trouble with my feet, ankles and restricted walking distances, I discovered that SoleMate Safety had the ideal walking shoe that proved to be extremely comfortable, long wearing and all my aches and pains on my feet disappeared within a short time. I highly recommend SoleMate products for high performance footwear."
Alan Crabbe, Freeway Horse Floats, Napier.