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Relievers® Insolesvis_relieverinsole.jpg

Do you have to stand and walk for long periods of the day? At the end of the day do your back, feet, and legs ache? As your feet pound against the concrete floor hour after hour, day after day, your body endures constant jarring. Your muscles become fatigued and your joints become aggravated. The jarring starts at the heel and moves all the way up your skeletal system to your head. Your feet, legs, and low back take the worst of the pounding.

Help cushion the blows by using Relievers Insoles in your shoes. Made of a soft viscoelastic material that won't "bottom-out" under the weight of your body or with lots of wear, these insoles will cushion the shock that is created at heel strike. Reducing the shock will help to reduce the foot, leg, and back pain experienced during the day. A special surface tackiness keeps these insoles in place to prevent bunching at the toe area. A washable, breathable Cambrelle® fabric wicks moisture away from the bottom of the foot. Guaranteed to reduce foot, leg, and low back pain for one full year or your money back. Do your back a favour and order a pair today!

Ultra Performer® Insolesfootbeds.jpg

These closed cell high-profile footbeds offer a lighter-weight alternative to solid viscoelastics. They are more contoured and offer more heel stabilization and extra arch support. The Ultra Performer is made with Viscolas inserts to dampen shock in the areas where heel strike causes the most underfoot pressure. Do yourself a favour--replace the ordinary insoles in your sports shoes with Ultra Performers! You won't believe the difference these cushions make! Try a pair today. If you're not completely convinced that they are the most comfortable insoles on the market today, we'll give you a full refund!