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payroll_deduction_3people.jpgSoleMate® footwear programmes are administered at no cost to your company! Your employees pay for their own footwear without having to pay cash by using our easy automatic payroll deduction plan. Your company receives reduced slips and falls and lower workers’ compensation claims. Buying Shoes for Crews® (SFC) is always an employee’s choice, but it’s an easy one to make. That’s because (SFC) footwear is safe, stylish and affordable. And the shoes are shipped directly to your facility!

Not interested in our Payroll Deduction Plan? No problem - we offer simple billable corporate purchase accounts! Payroll Deduction Made Easy!

  • Step 1: The company’s employee buys Shoes for Crews® from SoleMate® by filling out a payroll deduction form and giving it to their manager for ordering.

  • Step 2: The manager (or employee if allowed by your company) orders the footwear either by phone, fax or online!

  • Step 3: Your company deducts installment payments from the employee’s wages.

Online Ordering

Orders can be placed quickly and securely on our website. If you would like to open a corporate account then we will allocate you a secure login-in page.

Contact us to set up an account today!

Learn about the SFC $5000 Slip and Fall Accident Warranty!