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slipandfall.jpgThe Greatest Warranty You May Never Need! Shoes for Crews® stand behind every one of their shoes. Should any employee have a slip and fall accident while wearing SHOES FOR CREWS®, then Shoes for Crews® will reimburse your company up to $5,000 for each workers' compensation claim paid. WARRANTY TERM AND CONDITIONS.

Shoes for Crews® offer this Warranty because slips & falls rarely occur when wearing SHOES FOR CREWS®.

This warranty is available to all companies who participate in our Payroll Deduction Plan.

SHOES FOR CREWS® Slip & Fall Warranty Terms


SHOES FOR CREWS® hereby agrees to reimburse any Company participating in a SoleMate® Payroll Deduction Plan for any direct medical expenses paid by Company relative to injuries sustained by employees of Company resulting from slip and fall accidents while wearing SHOES FOR CREWS® shoes purchased from SoleMate®.


  1. At the time of the accident, the employee must have been wearing shoes purchased through a SoleMate® Payroll Deduction Plan within six (6) months prior to the date of accident.
  2. Accidents occurring due to solid obstacles on the floor, or on ice surfaces, in freezers, coolers, or sub-zero environments are specifically excluded. Acceptable obstacles include, but are not limited to: water, grease, liquefied fats as well as synthetic lubricants.
  3. The maximum individual claim is limited to the lesser of either $5,000.00 or the completed claim amount.
  4. Maximum total reimbursement for the Calendar Year is limited to twenty percent (20%) of the company's net purchase of SHOES FOR CREWS® for the calendar year in which the accident(s) occur(s).
  5. SHOES FOR CREWS® reimbursements on the Payroll Deduction Plan are for direct medical expenses only. Claims other than direct medical expenses will not be considered for payment including but not limited to, expenses due to time lost at work.
  6. SHOES FOR CREWS® reserves the right to require written certification by the employee confirming any of the above conditions on form(s) provided by SHOES FOR CREWS®.
  7. The limited warranty may be cancelled by SHOES FOR CREWS® if company is more than sixty (60) days delinquent at any time on any invoices from SoleMate®.
  8. The limited warranty is only effective for slips and falls that occur on the floor at the company’s workplace.
  9. CrewGuard is a shoe covering and does not possess the same fit characteristics as SHOES FOR CREWS® footwear. Therefore, CrewGuard is excluded from the warranty.
  10. Stairs are expressly excluded from coverage in any form within the context of the warranty.
  11. SHOES FOR CREWS® will not pay any reimbursements on closed claims. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within two (2) years from the incident date.


Upon occurrence of any accident covered hereunder, Company must report the same to SoleMate® (on form(s) to be provided by SHOES FOR CREWS®) which report must be received by SoleMate® within twenty-one (21) days of the occurrence of such accident(s). Failure to so notify within said time period, will result in denial of the claim.


This Limited Warranty shall automatically be cancelled upon their termination of the employee Payroll Deduction Plan with SoleMate®.


This Limited Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. The venue for any action arising out of this agreement shall lie in Palm Beach County, Florida.