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Shoes for Crews® footwear has finally arrived in Australia.

SHOES FOR CREWS® (SFC), manufacturer of the WORLD’S top rated slip-resistant footwear for men and women in the workplace, which each day protects over 200,000 workplaces in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and around the globe.

Employees can now confidently be provided with safe, comfortable and affordable slip-resistant footwear; resulting in improved worker safety, morale and efficiency. You can purchase all footwear on line, saving you time and money with shoe deliveries shipped directly to your workplace!

Our customers come from a wide array of industrial workplaces, such as hospitality, roofing, chemical plants, warehouses, airports, manufacturing and processing plants, healthcare, food service, cleaning, assembly lines, service delivery, and more.

We have a specific shoe for just about any condition in your workplace.

Why SLIP RESISTANT Safety Footwear?

Slips and falls are an increasingly serious cause of injury and death. They are second only to injuries and deaths from motor vehicle accidents. Slips and falls are the number one cause of accidental injury, resulting in around 20 percent of all emergency room visits in Australia. In economic terms, falls cost Australia more than any other cause of injury. Slip and fall injuries cost Australia over $2 billion a year.

Increasingly more employers are enjoying the benefit of reducing levies and workers compensation claims by implementing the Payroll Deduction at No Cost to Your Company! Your employees pay for their own footwear without having to pay cash, by using our easy, automatic payroll deduction plan. Your company receives reduced slips, falls, happier employees and lower workers’ compensation claims.

Many safety shoes claim to be "slip resistant." But just because it has that label doesn't mean you won't slip. To earn that label you only have to have a minimal degree of slip resistance.

The SFC sole is created with a combination of a special rubber compound and tread design providing for maximum slip-resistance. The unique rubber compound grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface, while the tread pattern channels the liquids out from under the shoe sole. Refer to the Independent Slip Resistance Test results.

At SoleMate, we don't believe in simply providing the highest rated slip resistant shoe. Style and comfort must be included in your high-performance shoes -- anything less is not worth your hard-earned money.

We are serious about changing the way you think about work boots and shoes. If you want lightweight, awesomely comfortable, top-rated safety footwear at a brilliant price that also looks and feels great, Shoes for Crews® is your brand.